Car Accident Injuries

We are an approved provider for clients that have been in a car accident and sustained an injury. Whether you suffered a whiplash, concussion or sustained additional injuries, we are a good choice for your rehabilitation. We understand the process well, have all the team members in place you will need and can smoothly guide you through the paperwork. Easiest to give us a call and we can outline the process.


Your treatment plan will vary dependent on your injury but may include modalities for pain, inflammation, concussion and soft tissue work to ease tension on pain sensitive structures that have often been overstretched due to whiplash. We will also incorporate range of motion and teach you how to pace your activities to avoid flare ups.


If you have had surgery, we will guide you through post-surgical protocols. When appropriate, we will introduce specific exercises for endurance.


If you are unable to perform your job due to your accident, our Occupational Therapist will identify your physical job demands along with your current abilities and develop a targeted plan to help you return safely to your duties and communicate this to the insurer. We will also complete regular reports to the insurer and your family physician as per insurance protocol to keep all stakeholders in the loop.