Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists consider the person, their environment and their roles and through assessment, identify barriers to performance and design and deliver interventions to facilitate improved performance. 

With Masters degree level training, OTs work in a wide variety of settings with all types of conditions including physical, developmental, neuro-degenerative and mental health conditions. 

At Riverlakes, Occupational therapy staff provide a wide range of therapies to help clients meet their goals. We assess muscle imbalances and design exercise programs to address postural syndromes or weakness, design and deliver pool therapy, conduct and implement ergonomic evaluations, educate clients about pacing and activity modification. We also provide home or worksite visits to reduce barriers to performance, coach clients or facilitate changes to environment. 

We provide functional capacity evaluations to determine current functional abilities and compare to job demands for rehabilitation planning. We also design and deliver work conditioning programs. We assess and treat clients with sensory processing problems, deliver cognitive and /or stroke rehabilitation and laser therapy services.

Additionally, we work closely with all hand and arm injuries including myofascial release, ROM and strengthening exercises and fit with appropriate splinting if warranted.