Overuse Injury

These injuries are very common and include conditions such as shoulder impingement pain, elbow tendonitis, Achilles pain, plantar fasciitis, hip bursitis and knee pain. These symptoms typically flare up when an additional or new load stresses the area such as increased frequency of a certain type of work, increased activity levels or a new type of activity. However, it is important to note that all these conditions represent an imbalance present in the musculoskeletal system.  For example, to effectively treat shoulder impingement means reducing the pain and inflammation at the shoulder but also effectively identifying why the imbalance occurred in the first place.


Your treatment plan may incorporate modalities for pain and inflammation to gain control of symptoms then specific release of short tight muscles and strengthening of long weak muscles pulling across the joint. It also involves education around what ergonomic changes should occur, discussion of sleep positions, pacing of activities. Treatment plan would be similar in approach for other tendonitis and bursitis conditions. Treatment plan for Achilles pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis and bursitis would also involve specific soft tissue work in the pelvis and/or other areas of torsion in the body along with modalities and targeted exercise, gait analysis and possible custom orthotic.