Pre-surgical /post-surgical clients

Our physiotherapist has worked directly with orthopedic surgeons and understands your pre and post-surgical needs very well.  If you are pre-surgical we will work with you to help you maintain your range of motion and manage your pain. This will include soft tissue work for affected areas, specific strengthening where able, Laser for pain reduction and inflammation and fitting you with aides if needed (canes, bath chairs etc). 

Once you have your surgery we help you understand your post-surgical protocol and guide you through different phases of recovery. This may include initial laser for tissue healing, range of motion movements and progression to specific exercises as per post- surgical protocols. We are very familiar with timing and progression of activities so we can guide you through this process smoothly.  If you have an insurer involved (disability or WCB) we are very familiar with reports needed and provide them with recommendations as to expected timelines for recovery and rehabilitation needed. In some cases, work conditioning prior to return to work may be needed and we are well equipped and experienced in this area.