Work Injury

We are a WCB approved provider and our clinicians have delivered services to WCB for over seventy years of combined clinical experience. We understand the process and can smoothly guide you through it.


Whether you had a traumatic injury or one that came on over time due to repetitive stress on the tissues, we can help. Your treatment plan will vary dependent on your injury but may include modalities for pain, inflammation and soft tissue work to ease tension on pain sensitive structures. We will also incorporate range of motion and targeted exercises for strength.


Our Occupational Therapist will identify your physical job demands along with your current abilities and develop a targeted plan to help you return safely to your duties. This may involve a worksite visit or a discussion with your employer to identify safe alternate duties and a return to work plan.


If you need further medical investigation, we work closely with your family physician and WCB to facilitate the process. If you need surgery, we work with you through all phases of recovery. We will also complete regular reports to the WCB and to your family physician to keep all stakeholders in the loop.